The AlphaTrainer system was created and designed by Tom Shefchunas, a certificated flight instructor and corporate aviator with over 30 years of experience. Early in his career, he became frustrated with the lack of training and poor pilot understanding of angle of attack. Motivated by the anguish for the flying friends he needlessly lost because of a misunderstanding of the basic principals of flight, Tom developed the unique AlphaTrainer, which earned a U.S. Patent in 1997, to unlock the mystery of flight in a clear and simple manner.

Team AlphaTrainer

  1. Tom Shefchunas. Cumming, Georgia. Corporate jet pilot, CFI, and originator of AlphaTrainer.
  2. Austin Meyer. Columbia, South Carolina. Pilot, engineer, author of X-Plane, and owner of Laminar Research, Inc.
  3. Chuck Bodeen. Panama City, Florida. Student pilot, engineer, programmer, designer of AlphaTrainer programs and planes.
  4. Sandy Barbour. Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland. Programmer of the AlphaTrainer “plugin” for X-Plane. Co-author (with Ben Supnik) of the X-Plane Plugin SDK.
  5. Don Cramer. Franklin, Pennsylvania. Engineer, pilot, CFII, AlphaTrainer Webmaster, and Technical Editor.
  6. Tom Wilson. El Cajon, California. Programmer of AlphaTrainer 2D.
  7. Jeff 'The Wizard of Draws' Bucchino. Cumming, Georgia. Graphic designer and pilot.

Tom's Coveted "Master Pilot" Award for 18,000+ Hours of Safe Flying!


"From Red to Green is our Dream."

Copyrighted, Thomas Shefchunas.